Led Master

Our team


LED MASTER is the Colombian Company most experienced in Led Screen Technology, we manage mid and larged Screens. We are a professional and passionate team, committed to eedia and deep technology knowledge.

WE have been selling LED SCREENS for more than 16 years in the national and international market (production, importation and sales) and more tha 25 years in entertainment; In LED MASTER we are pioneers at keeping up motivation for exploration and innovation to ensure the highest quality in our projects.

We are trained the video solutions assembly industry, we know each component detail, assembly and function of each LED screen, we know each version and reference, that’s why we strive to give the best of us, to advise opur costumers and give them our knowledge, to apply it to every single project and needs.

More than 4.0000 Led Screen meters installed.

We have mora the 16 years of experience at Led screen sales.


In LED MASTER we create impactful and durable moments. All our led screen products are guaranteed and have technical support for installation, configuration and performance.

We take care of the quality of each MASTER LED screen and its components since it leaves the factory, and throughout the delivery process. Engineers specialized in assembly and configuration carry out the function and calibration tests of each of the modules and parts in each reference, to guarantee uniformity and high-quality adjustment of each piece of equipment.

Our flag is good service, and through our products, make our costumers ideas to become real, developing value propositions for their brands in unconventional and high-impact ways.


We are LED MASTER, a company committed to its continuous improvement. We deliver Impactful and emotive experiencies in the bran’s audience.

We are a team that shares common goals, a community that evolves hand to hand with technology and that simultaneously finds its value in the human essence, we work to be the best provider for our clients.